Manage your learning and development strategy with teemu.

With teemu you can easily manage the learning and development programs within your company. Modern, efficient and flexible. Make HR’s work easier!

Throw out the excel sheets - The best way to manage learning and development.

Course- and participant management

You create courses and your employees sign up. It’s that easy. teemu manages participation and sends emails automatically.

Personal coaching

Your trainers and coaches can freely create and publish their own coaching offers. Your employees can book them within teemu – budgeting included.

Flexible & Extendable

teemu already integrates with a multitude of other systems. Do you have a feature request? We will gladly extend the system in accordance with your requirements.

Make HR's work easier!

Using teemu takes a load of HR’s shoulders. You don’t have to micromanage participation lists or reminder e-mails. Everything is contained within an easy to use system. Even annoying follow-up tasks are fully automated.

Employees easily discover your education offers

teemu is modern and completely browser based. Your employees will more easily discover your education offers. They can search and easily sign up by themselves. There’s overviews for booked courses and reminders. Make your L&D more attractive with a modern system.

Features to make education easier.

Create and manage courses

You manage courses based on reusable course definitions. If courses happen regularly or on multiple dates you don’t have to recreate anything – you just simply create schedules. The system will then create the courses automatically. You can even add attachments to courses to provide material to the participants.

Self-reliant signup / signout

Your employees can freely browse your courses. They will have an easier time to find the offers right for them.  Signup and signout is super easy – just one click. Their teamlead, the trainer and the admin will get a message informing them of a new participant. The trainer and admins can see the participant lists in the backend.

Manage participants

teemu manages every course’s participant list for you. If an employee signs up to – or out of a course – that list is automatically updated. The trainer can even take attendance and log reasons should a participant not show up. Course budgets can be based on the amount of participants – this way you can easily track how much a course actually cost the company.

Automatic, customizable E-Mails

teemu sends out automatic preparation and post-course emails – according to your specification. You can freely edit these emails and their send-out-schedule. You can, for instance, automatically remind trainers to take attendance. Also, you will be informed about important events in the system via e-mail. Every e-mail to your employees is customizable.

Coaching offers

Your internal and external trainers and coaches can create their own coaching offers. Your employees will then be able to request those and communicate with the coach directly. You don’t have to relay messages – making communication much easier.

Budget management

You can assign budgets to employees and costs to courses. These costs can be dynamically calculated based on the number of attendees. This way you can keep track of how much every employee spends. There’s even warning e-mails to teamleads and admins should a user go over their budget.

Google calendar integration

If you’re using GApps for your company, teemu can integrate with Google Calendar. It automatically created courses in a separate calendar and sends invite emails. If you’re using a different calendar system an integration might also be possible – just contact us.

Integration with your HR system

teemu can integrate with HR systems. For instance – an existing integration with BambooHR allows writing participation information into an employees file. If you use a different system – reach out, we’ll gladly integrate teemu with it.


teemu is based on state of the art web technologies. If you’re requirements are not a 100% covered, just reach out. We’ll extend the system for you.

Transparent pricing.

No setup fee, no hidden fees - just a plain monthly fee.

teemu in the cloud

3,99 per employee per month
  • Course management
  • Coaching management
  • Customizable emails
  • Budget management
  • Cloud-Hosting (GDPR compliant)
  • many more features...
  • Discounts for bigger companies

teemu individualized

upon request
  • all features of the cloud version
  • individual changes / extensions
  • upon request - on premise hosting
  • Discounts for bigger companies